Feature Packed

Face2Face Touch is and iPhone and iPad survey app that is easy to set up and use even for casual survey projects. Make no mistake, however. It has been built to be a robust and powerful app that supports all the needs of professional market researchers.



Many of the features that make Face2Face “stand out from the pack” are those that make an interviewer’s life easier, more efficient, and more fun.

  • Simple interviewer mode that requires no training
  • Save partially complete interviews as drafts
  • Practice the survey, and save as a test
  • Slide right for a “Hole count” on the current question
  • Slide down for survey length, draft, quota and cancel
  • Take “photo annotations” that attach to the survey project.



Face2Face Touch has been designed to be truly 100% offline. Once a survey is loaded, there is no requirement to connect back to Web Survey Creator until you want to upload responses. All images, videos and maps are available and useable on the device without any data connection.

When it comes to maps, this includes for point-of-interest and street data – useful, huh?

Offline and Useful



All the capabilities of Face2Face touch are available on the phone version as well. Use any iPhone that supports iOS7 (so any iPhone 4s or later). Get the best results with a large screen iPhone 6+ – a perfect balance between a larger screen and great portability.


Web Survey Creator is more than just the designer the for surveys used in Face2Face Touch. It also provides centralised management of the interviewers and devices being used – making remote management of a team of interviewers simple and efficient.

  • Set up individual devices remotely using QRCodes
  • Bulk-update multiple devices at once
  • Track interviewer movements
  • Record interviewer in the background for QA
  • Track cost history, and projected current monthly cost


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the capabilities of Face2Face touch. Here is a quick checklist of features to help you out. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us as sales@dipolar.com.au. We would love to help.

Survey Capabilities

  • Over 30 Question Types
  • Unattended “Kiosk” Mode
  • Flow Control
  • Data Piping
  • Response Quotas
  • Choice Linking
  • Can save as Draft, Quota-out or Test
  • Progress bar
  • 100% Offline Capable

Interviewer Features

  • Works on iPad or iPhone
  • “Interviewer mode” with simple interface
  • One-tap tracking of refused interviews
  • Pop-up list of draft responses
  • “Photo annotations” attached to survey
  • Automatic background syncing
  • Multi-interviewer login per device
  • Multiple surveys per device
  • Interview length timer

Management Features

  • Management “in the cloud” through WSC
  • Set up/manage devices in bulk
  • Remote setup without ever seeing a device
  • “Administrator mode” can be unlocked on device
  • Interviewer location tracking
  • Interviewer audio recording in background