Take your surveys on the road


Use Web Survey Creator to design powerful Web surveys, then make them offline surveys with Face2Face Touch.


   Fast Native App

This is not a re-hacked Web interface. This is a native app, written from the ground up.

   Remote Setup & Control

Set up, configure, and update devices without ever needing to even see them.

   Dual Mode

By default, runs in an easy-to-use “interviewer mode”. Admin mode can be unlocked too.

   Built for iPad & iPhone

You don’t have to buy an iPad – use your iPhone you carry with you every day.

   Opportunistic Syncing

Devices will automatically sync responses when a data connection is available.

   Interviewer QA

Track where they went and when. Optionally record full interview audio for review.

   Offline. For Real.

All features work while offline – including images, videos and maps.

   Desktop-class capabilities

All standard questions, data piping, flow control, quotas – a full survey app for MR.

   Disruptive Pricing

Sure, this is the best offline survey tool available. It’s one of the cheapest too.

Meet the Dream Team

The power and flexibility of the surveys you can create is directly related to the two products we have brought together. Web Survey Creator is a best-of-breed Web Survey tool that is relied upon by market researchers around the world. Face2Face touch provides a tablet-based version of these Web Surveys that are better in almost every way, simply because a tablet is a perfect data collection device. We didn’t seek to “mimic” Web Surveys on a tablet – we reimagined them using every advantage a touch-based device offers.

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